Shamier has been been serving his community long before the free-diving bug bit more than three years ago. A true environmentalist, he assisted many ocean conservation initiatives involved in introducing children to the ocean. His passion and drive to help the local youth, led to the formation of #STBP’s “Defenders of the Blue” programme, which he heads. His hope remains that sharing his love for the ocean with youth will inspire them to care for the environment they live in.

Shamier, is an advanced adventure freediver, an ambassador for the MPA's in Cape Town and a founding member and vice chairman of #seathebiggerpicture Ocean Initiative where children are taught about marine conservation. 

What is Shamier looking for in Stomp Awards contestants?

  • Someone who can take criticism in order to do much better.
  • Positive attitudes. 
  • The ability to collaborate 
  • Creativity. Out of the box ideas 
  • Projects driven by passion and drive.
  • Contestants who show humility yet taking pride in whatever they do.
  • Contestants who are not afraid to take up a challenge and lead by example.
  • Ideas that inspire others to also be change makers.