Mermaid Tear Catcher & Frisby.

Entry Motivation: 

Nurdle pollution was evident across 28 out of 32 countries surveyed from the Gulf of Mexico to Abu Dhabi, Ecuador to South Africa, with 84% of nurdle hunts finding some nurdles and over 40% of those hunts detected more than 100 pellets present. 12.5% of hunts found over 1000 nurdles. Clare and her Father John Swithenbank invented in the first mermaid tear catcher in 2019 and launched it at The Ballito Pro WSL event in Ballito South Africa, all MTC sold out and the launch was a huge success with prizes given to the children and people who collected the most Mermaid Tears (plastic nurdles) each day. Children are our future, with the massive global pollution problem we have with plastic our aim is to use this Mermaid tear catcher to educate children and families as well as help clean up our environment and oceans. It was a huge success. Clare has been surfing since she was 14 and got her Natal colours and was a South African judge. Her love and passion for the people of South Africa and the environment and ocean continues and she is an environmentalist living and working in the USA. Litter4tokens have partnered with in the USA

Each MTC has a unique code, and Litter4tokens has partnered with the Great Global Nurdle Foundation FIDRA and all scientific data is sent to them when logged by the user or owner from the MTC The Mermaid Tear Catcher also can catch other micro or macro plastic as well as polystyrene. This info will be vital in the identification of the plastic and where it originated. By using weather and tidal data it will be possible to see how it arrived where it did and where it came from.

We also supply a Mermaid Tear Catcher bag when one purchases the MTC. This can hold up to about 50 grams of microplastic captured by the MTC. The tears will be logged against the specific MTC when the user logs onto the to add location and weigh of plastic nurdles/mermaid tears collected.