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Entry Motivation: 

"People perish because of lack of knowledge"

The first thing first is to discover the main cause of waste/ plastic pollution. This is what we can radicalism, going back to the roots of the problem to solve it from there.

It is important to understand that there is power in knowledge therefore, we should uphold knowledge and information about plastic pollution as such. Discovering the main problem of plastic pollution help us to shape our future in a more resilient and sustainable manner. We must introduce concepts of pollution and the danger of them to human and species lives at schools.

This will help with different young and bright innovative ideas on how to renew, reuse and recycle waste so that it does not affect our oceans and at the same time learn on how to save money from certain products which can be reused. Not only that this is a powerful tool but will also create incomes for individuals for recycling these wastes. A step ladder and skill for entrepreneurship in our communities.

People must learn that we focus on solutions more than the problems and while at that we use what we have to solve the problems. This initiative will also support the organizations addressing plastic pollution at larger scales with legwork and special tools to achieve common goals. I would also advise to avoid products containing micro-beads not to infect our aquatic animals and Beach camps clean-ups will advocate for spreading the message across the nation on the importance of marine life and the importance of keeping our oceans and environments clean. This in order to achieve responsive environments and low carbon-green spaces with lucrative experiences.