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Entry Motivation: 

A plastic packaging alternative made from chitosan, a natural sugar that comes from the shells of shrimps, lobsters, and crabs.

These shells are waste products and mixing them with organic ingredients will result in odorless and tasteless packages so that the consumers dont get bothered. Besides, the idea of edible packages is unique because it can be highly customized according to the unique needs of each type of fruit and vegetable.

The packages can make the food retain its quality, freshness, and increase its shelf-life through limiting its interaction with the mainly environmental factors of temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, mechanical impact, and microbial growth.

To give more details, limiting oxygen and water vapor permeability (less weight loss due to respiration and transpiration) will prevent oxidation (retain color and flavor) and inhibiting ideal microbial growth.

The extra shelf life will also widen the global food logistics. For example, when the fresh food products increases around the world becuase of the mentioned benefits above, the prices will decrease and results in purchases by poor families around the world instead of being thrown out due to poor appearance and resulting in carbon dioxide increase.

Besides, if the packages wont be eaten after the food, it will bio degrade since its 100% natural. Food suppliers, exporters, farmers and retailers will definitely benefit since more fresh products sales means increasing in their profits. It's a win-win solution. leaving a mark in the world after turning this idea into reality is my motivation.