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The winners of the inaugural the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLIP) STOMP Awards were announced at the CLIP Innovation Conference: “STEM the tide of plastic waste in Africa" in Cape Town on 5 December 2019.

Public voting has started for the inaugural Commonwealth Litter Programme's STOMP (Stamp Out Marine Plastic Pollution) Awards, which was initiated to discover and encourage innovations to reduce and eliminate marine plastic pollution.

The Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLIP), the international science and outreach programme working in partnership with governments, universities, NGOs and communities in countries across the Commonwealth to take action on plastics entering the oceans, has announced the introduction of its STOMP (Stamp Out Marine Plastic Pollution) Awards in South Africa.

Shamier has been been serving his community long before the free-diving bug bit more than three years ago. A true environmentalist, he assisted many ocean conservation initiatives involved in introducing children to the ocean. His passion and drive to help the local youth, led to the formation of #STBP’s “Defenders of the Blue” programme, which he heads. His hope remains that sharing his love for the ocean with youth will inspire them to care for the environment they live in.

The STOMP (Stamp Out Marine Plastic Pollution) Awards made a call out in October for South Africans to enter ideas and solutions that could reduce, or eliminate plastic pollution, which ultimately ends up in the ocean destroying habitats, and endangering marine species. 

An important theme in the Stomp Awards this year is the need to find alternatives to traditional plastics, especially single-use plastics and encourage circular economy thinking.

The concept of Umcebo Design was born out of a long history of working with marginalised people of varying abilities around the idea that art and craft can be elevated to a new level of creativity and, at the same time, generate valuable income for participants. Inspiring art from recycled materials! 

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The STOMP Awards are implemented by Green Corridors NPC and a project of the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP), which is led by the UK through the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas). Funded by Defra, the programme supports five developing countries across the Commonwealth to take action on plastics entering the oceans.

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