General Guidelines & Information

  • Applications can be made on the STOMP awards website at
  • Please ensure your contact details are accurate and complete. Visit this link for some advice and ideas on the sort of entries we are looking for.
  • Entrants can submit one entry per category. See Catergory details below
  • Motivation: The motivation section of the entry form will allow for up to 500 words of text motivating why your entry meets the criteria of the specific category, background and impact. You are welcome to include any other information you feel would be valuable to the public and judging panel.
  • Video Upload: You are required to submit a video clip of between 1 and 2 minutes showcasing or demonstrating your entry. Videos DO NOT need to be high production value and we prefer simple videos which have been made by yourself. The video needs to clearly demonstrate or showcase your product, project, equipment, concept or art and explain the impact it has made. For entries into the Youth or Adult inspire category, videos can be replaced by photographs of your art if applicable. You can also upload your video to YouTube or other similar service and send us the video link instead
  • You will receive notification of receipt of your entry within 24 hours. Thereafter your entry will be live for public voting on the Stomp Awards website. Should you not receive confirmation or are unable to see your entry, please contact the award organizers on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Entrants are encouraged to get friends, family and colleagues to vote for their entries. The public voting period will only be open from 8th-15th November 2019.
  • Public voting will account for a maximum of 50% of the total score for the deciding the finalists.
  • The judging panel reserves the right to push through any “wild card” entries which they deem “remarkable.”

Categories & Prizes

Design – Technology or Technical Category
This category is open to all South Africa residents, particularly (but not limited to) students and researchers in the science, technology and engineering fields. Entrants to this category should be able to demonstrate new and innovative design and or technologies which help reduce or manage plastic pollution. Example projects could include concepts that focus on or encourage circular economy thinking, waste benefaction technologies, alternative materials to traditional plastics, equipment which assists with the removal of microplatsics or nurdles from beaches. The judges will be looking for highly innovative projects with a working prototype with clear, quantifiable impacts. Entries must be your own unique concept (with no existing trademarks or patents) or build on / significantly improve on existing concepts or technologies. The winner in this category will receive a trip to the UK to attend the London STEM Conference, including flights, accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference. Here you will demonstrate your project. The winner in this category will also receive further research and development mentoring and support from Industry Experts at the CSIR (Council for scientific and industrial research). Entrants must hold a valid passport.

Product Category
This category is open to all South Africa residents or South African registered small to medium micro enterprises (with a turnover of less than R10 000 000 per annum) This category is focused on consumer products or services which are innovative and give consumers the opportunity to reduce their plastic waste. Entrants should show a clear business case for the product or service, be able to quantify positive impacts, show how the product or service makes it simpler for consumers to make more environmentally sound decisions as well the potential to scale the product or service as a viable alternative to traditional plastics. Here too judges are looking at products or services that focus on change and encourage circular economy thinking. The winner will receive Business Development support and marketing support to assist with taking your product to market.

Adult Inspire Category
This category focuses on the arts as a medium to inspire change. Entries are open to all members of the South African Public aged 17 or over. Entries can include all forms of the creative arts, artwork, photography, short films, dance, sculpture, graffiti, advert campaigns or any other art form that inspires people around creating a better planet. Entrants should show how awareness and positive action can be created through reaching more people through the arts and focuses on solutions to marine plastic pollution. The work can challenge, expose, discuss, educate, thrill amongst other things – so long as it makes its audience “sit up and listen.” The Winner will receive an open water scuba diving training package (including all accommodation, meals, equipment hire, training dives and 3x open water dives) in KwaZulu-Natal.

Youth Inspire Category
This category focuses on the arts as a medium to inspire change. Entries are open to all South African Children aged 16 years or younger. Entries can include all forms of the creative arts, artwork, photography, short films, dance, sculpture or any other art form that inspires young people around creating a better planet. Entrants should focus on solutions to marine plastic pollution and show how awareness and positive action can be created through reaching more people through the arts. How can this artwork live as a legacy to future generations to inspire them not to revert back a world without concern about the environment. The winner will receive a snorkeling safari for you and 6 of your friends in either Cape Town or Durban as well as resource library of ocean life and marine field guides.

Special recognition Award for action Category
This category recognizes individuals, schools, civil society organizations or informal groups implement clean up, projects to mitigate waste, reduce plastic, change behaviors or create awareness at a local, community level. Entries should be replicable and have significant, quantifiable impacts. Entrants should ultimately inspire others around South Africa to replicate their model and make an impact in their own communities. Winners of this category will receive the prestigious inaugural “Stomp Action” trophy, as well as an opportunity to present their project at the CLiP Innovation Conference: STEM the tide of plastic waste in Africa to be hosted in Cape Town on the 4th and 5th December 2019.

What Are Our Judges Looking For?

The public vote will have a 50% weighting .....the rest will be up to our panel of judges.

Judges will be basing their decisions on the following (See here for some more advice on what we are looking for in entries):

Impact: how is the entry likely to make a notable impact on the marine plastic pollution problem. The judges will want to see entries that are impactful and can actually make a difference;
Innovation: how unique and innovative is the proposed solution, project or artwork. The judges will want to to see entries around things they have not seen before!
Reach: how far-reaching is this solution, project or artwork. Is it so innovative/clever/brilliant/mind-boggling simple, that people will be talking about it for years to come. Judges will want your entry to have a global reach in terms of making the change that needs to happen.

Rules, Terms & Conditions

  • There is no charge to enter the STOMP Awards.
  • All applications must be in English and submitted via the STOMP Awards website at
  • Applications are open from 06h00 1 October 2019 until 22h00 on the 8th November 2019
  • The Public Voting period will be open from 06h00 on the 8th November through to 22h00 on the 15th November
  • The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify any entry which does not meet the criteria around innovation, impact, reach or entries deemed to be unoriginal, plagiarized or misleading.
  • The judging panel reserve the right to put through any entries to the finals that are deemed remarkable through a wild card system. This may also include entries which do not have significant public voting weight.
  • The judging panel and contest organizers reserve the right to the final decision on the wining entries and no correspondence will be entered into..
  • Only complete entries will be considered.
  • Individual, companies/organisations may only submit ONE entry per category
  • Applicants should contact organizers of the STOMP awards in regards to any questions they may have about the judging process.
  • The Award applicants may not contact any individual members of the judging panel prior to the Awards ceremony.
  • Finalists may be asked to provide extra supporting materials including photos, videos, newspaper articles, brochures for marketing purposes. But please do not include these supporting materials with your application, other than what is requested within each category.
  • Entrants are encouraged to use original material such as music, video, photography etc in their submissions. By entering you confirm that you have permission to use any copyrighted material in any of your submissions. 
  • By applying for the STOMP Awards, the applicant agrees that in the case of being selected as a finalists of the 2019 Awards (in the Design Category and Product Category,) you or a representative may be required with one week’s notice to attend an Awards ceremony and present your entry at the CLiP Innovation Conference: STEM the tide of plastic waste in Africa on the 4-5th December 2019. The contest organizers will cover the travel and accommodation costs for the winning entrant or their representative. For group entries costs for only one representiave will be covered.
  • All entrants will be welcome to attend the CLiP Innovation Conference: STEM the tide of plastic waste in Africa on the 4-5th December 2019. Attendance is free
  • Entries will be showcased at the CLiP Innovation Conference: STEM the tide of plastic waste in Africa conference in digital or 2D format.
  • Prizes cannot be exchange for cash and terms and conditions may apply to certain prizes in each category.
  • Entrants understand that certain prizes may subject to specific health requirements, visa approvals, local travel or other limitations. The contest organizers, partners and funders can not be held responsible in the event a category winner is unable to redeem their prizes for any reason.
  • Entrants understand that the contest organizers, partners, service providers, funders or representatives can not be held liable for any losses or damages incurred whilst redeeming their prizes.
  • The organizers lay no claim to any intellectual property that is held within these entries, however entrants understand and agree that their entries may be used for publicity and marketing purposes for the STOMP awards, and will be publically available for up to twelve months after the contest closing date.
  • Cefas and the organizers will produce communications for media and social media in advance, during and after the contest and awards event, individuals participating in the contest and / or their entries may be video recorded or photographed during the course of the event. This media may be used for promotional purposes through broadcast, webcast or publication by other means. If you do not consent to your comments or likeness being used please notify us on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Finalists and winners will be given a STOMP Awards 2019 Laurel PNG and PDF file for use on their digital platforms and in any print material to further their own marketing
  • All entrants details will comply with the The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act of 2013,your information will not be shared or sold to any third parties without explicit prior approval