Oceano Reddentes means the ocean revives.

Entry Motivation: 

Oceano Reddentes means the ocean revives. I am 14 years old and started my non profit when I was 12 years old. My vision: Saving a fish's home by building a home and community structure for someone in need. My mission: Saving the sea one piece of plastic at a time

Beach Cleanups: We sort and recycle everything that can be as well as make beach eco bricks with non recyclable plastic. The idea is to educate people about recycling and stop plastic from being sent to landfill. Collecting data makes people at the cleanups aware of what waste they are picking up and how changing what they buy can affect the environment.
January- October 2019: 12x cleanups. 1249 people attended. 7201.06KG removed from beaches. The equivalent of 1x orca and 1x elephant seal saved.
Surf outreach programs: Waves For Change to teach the kids how to ecobrick and show the children how plastic negatively affects the ocean and environment. We plan to build therapy benches out of waste collected with the children.
Educational talks: Educating the youth is very important. As the youth, we are the future who can change the world. School talks and social media Instagram videos/ campaigns.

Plastic waste:
We tally specific things and brand data at our cleanups. This is to identify what waste problems are at each beach (plastic, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, fishing industry etc.) and to work with companies over time to make changes.
I do my own research projects around plastic waste. I have done two research projects:
What would make people value an eco brick that has no value?
Testing the drinking water and springs in Cape Town for Microplastics.
I feel science research is very important to help stop plastic pollution and save the earth from the climate crisis we are facing.

We are building a house for the caretaker and his family of The Bhongholethu Foundation as well as a sewing room for the ReLife project. We are busy working with Stellenbosch University fire testing eco bricks with natural building materials, clay, lime and hemp. Once this is completed we will be able to get planning permission to build the first eco brick house in South Africa. Hopefully pioneering the way forward for more community structures and houses to be built.
Eco bricks are a temporary solution. Idea is to store the plastic in bottles with lids in a safe space where it will be preserved. Preventing it from going to landfill and from ending up in the sea. Thinking forward to 100 years plus when the house comes down. The plastic will be contained in the bottles. I trust that science will have a solution to deal with the plastic bottles and that by then they can be disposed of in a way that does not negatively affect the environment.

I like partnering with other organizations because I feel together we are stronger and can help the environment more.