Future Kids: Working Together To Save The Planet

Entry Motivation: 

Hi, my name is Rocco Da Silva and I am the founder of The Future Kids.

I saw so much litter and plastic pollution on our local beach that it make me really angry and sad, I decided that I had to do something about it and I decided to start a club, with the help of my mom and some cool people who helped me get started, so I wanted a club where kids could meet monthly to remove the litter off the beach, I also spread awareness about how important it is to recycle, especially PET which is 100% recyclable and I also encourage kids and adults to stop using single use plastic. I also attend other cleanups of our friends all over Cape Town of people who also believe in doing something to save our planet. I attended workshops and talks to help get more knowledge and information.

I love the ocean and all marine life and I want to do my part in protecting it. I also love science and engineering so I plan on becoming a marine engineer so I can come up with solutions to remove plastic from our oceans, I actually already have an idea of a robot I am going to invent.

So far The Future Kids club has had 19 Cleanups and removed over 1740kgs of litter of our local beaches, the Stand Dog beach and the Strand MPA.

Our Field trips, I wanted to show kids why its so important to stop littering and to get involved and help remove the litter on the beaches, so I thought about doing field trips to create awareness and help educate, when I met two marine biologist and came up with the idea of field trips with real scientists teaching us about the creatures living right on our rocky shores and tidal pools, we had our first field trips in Oct 2019 and it was a huge success and we learned so much. The Future kids have two field trips planned in 2020, but I hope to do 4.

I have also expanded my club now and have 5 ambassadors, these are kids my age who regularly come to my cleanups and really love the ocean and planet as much as I do, they assist me with running the stand on the cleanup days.

I decided to call my club THE FUTURE KIDS because its OUR future and WE as the youth need to protect the planet and make the choice to be better than the previous generations and not to make the same mistakes.

My dream is to have Future Kids Clubs all over the world, working together to save the planet.

Thank you
Rocco Da Silva