Environmental Conservation & Education Tour

Entry Motivation: 

We proudly to present Conservation Tour as Makhasa Youth Council, This tour entails environmental, human, marine, animal conservation. But at this stage, we will be mostly focusing on the marine.

Our first tour to be hosted at schools as workshops with certain official from marine to better understanding to the learners and encourage learners to take related studies, also invite leaners to join us on the Ocean tour where we will be visiting local oceans for plastic pollution, we will also encourage citizens to join us including cleaning dams.

Second, to take a tour to our town because superstores are the ones who most sell plastics, so we encourage stores to collaborate with us including informal trade, ranks, private game reserves, and other government-related sectors.

Lastly, on the last day of the tour, a Conservation Open Day to be hosted by inviting all visited areas to be with us on the open day to give a proper presentation to our citizens including certain form of presenting like billboards, banners, screen, live show, they are expected to carry animals or related things which shows certain lesson.

A documentary to be made from the start to the last day of the tour. A cinema to be hosted after this tour to fast spread the information. Also be played at schools, homes, towns especially store screens.

This tour to be hosted every year and every February or March to make ocean tour, as a result, that learners and citizens are ones always took trip to ocean but they only swim, so now let's give back to the ocean by protecting our one and only planet, natural resources and keep our lives safe.

As Makhasa Youth Council team we are the ones to work to this tour including students and graduates, also leaners.

Youth in Progress

Our Environmental affairs desk to set a schedule pertaining to where to start and end (timetable).

In addition, parks also to be visited and be encouraged during the open day, include Isimangaliso wetland park, Phinda private game reserve, Ezemvelo KZN wildlife, Hluhluwe river and others