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Fcukplastics is an e-commerce website with the mission of giving people alternatives to traditional plastics 

Entry Motivation: 

We are avid sea lovers and on one specific trip to Mozambique, we had a turning point in our lives. We would go out to the beach every day and on the walk back to our hotel room, we started picking up all and any plastics from small broken-up micro plastics to bottles, lids and cigarette butts. It began with a hand full.

The next day onlookers started to assist and we ended up with a bag full of plastics. By the end of our trip, all our friends were joining us, and we did not even have to ask. You could see that the beach was covered in plastic. We talked about it for days, getting quite frustrated at the fact that almost everything we consume comes packaged in plastic. After picking up plastic all day, we would head back to the hotel and without thought prepare a meal with ingredients covered in plastic.

We are passionate about our environment, and we are glad to see so many people who are willing to change their daily habits and be more conscious of their impact on the environment. We understand that there is still a long road ahead, but we are confident that together we can change the world.