Entry Motivation: 

In March this year I set a world record for being the first person to circumnavigate Rapa Nui (Easter Island) I did this 63.5km swim in 19 hours and 8 minutes. The swim was very complex involving incredibly choppy and rough conditions causing half my crew to be terribly sea sick for more than half the swim. The water was so salty I had to try and coat my mouth with vaseline to prevent the salt penetrating With 4km of the swim left to go my throat swelled up and I had difficulty breathing.

I chose to circumnavigate Easter Island to raise awareness against single-use plastic. Rapa Nui is one of the world's most remote islands, it also has the highest concentration of microplastics in the world.

The swim has brought me and my organisation local and global recognition. Last month I received the Lewis Pugh Cup from the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association for most outstanding swim of the year. I am also about to receive an award from the World Open Water Swimming Association for most adventurous female swimmer of the year and will be entered into the Guinness book of Records.

The swim was incredibly tough in terms of logistics in the build up and preparation and involved over 7 different countries to make the swim happen.

Plastic Oceans International sponsored the swim and are also in the process of making a documentary of the swim. THe swim itself has given me a great platform to highlight the issue of microplastics and single use plastics allowing me to speak at corporate and school level as well as having been on CNN Africa and various other media platforms.

The swim was done for Breathe conservation- a non profit company that i founded.

Currently Breathe is involved in collaborating with like minded organizations on a local and global scale to pool resources and increase awareness through media, film screenings and talks at school and corporate level.

Our biggest project is a documentary about to be released of my world first circumnavigation of Rapa Nui or Easter Island as it is more commonly known. Highlighting the issue of microplastics and trying to inspire change in consumer behaviour

I am in discussions with global partners and ultimately aims to eliminate single-use plastic through inspiring and educating people to live deeply and tread lightly

Just as I swim 1 stroke at a time, each daily decision an individual makes to refuse single use plastic or pick up a bag or rubbish is a cumulatively effecting change..

Check out www.breatheconservation.org for more information