Entry Motivation: 

"Make locally, support locally." That pretty much sums up how we view business and entrepreneurship. It's Not Made In China, was founded through our passion for everything local. Not only does our brand support local illustrators by showcasing their work on the water bottles label, but it also preserves the environment and makes recycling fashionable - literally.  The artists of the labels range from graphic designers, painters and illustrators to sketchers and those that simply love to draw and create.

The P Word. Plastic. I know what you’re thinking – a company as committed to supporting local products and being sustainable is adding to the ever-growing massive problem of bringing more plastic into the world? It’s Not Made in China uses a form of plastic called PET plastic which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a 100% recyclable plastic that can be recycled back into reusable products like food and drink packaging, automotive parts, and even fabric.

“When we learned that PET could be made into fabric, we wanted to embrace this technology and we have just begun a  range of designer T-shirts and bags. The T-shirts have some of the illustrations that have graced our bottles and have been made in collaboration with the Holmes Bros. The T-shirts are made from 65% recycled bottles and 35% cotton,” Ruggier says. “The fabric used to make the bags is a thicker, felt-like fabric made 100% of recycled bottles. The bags are made in collaboration with [designer] Amanda Laird Cherry.”  This small start-up that developed a mere four years ago has spread far and wide – fast.

It’s Not Made in China water bottles can be found everywhere from KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and the  Western Cape, to the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and even the North West. We’re a booming business that stands for everything we love about supporting locally made items and uplifting communities through collaborations such as this.

We’re giving pickers a job, a life and an income, we’re recycling everything back into whatever we can, and we’re recycling the bottle pre-form. Our customers re-use our bottles over and over. We know this because they tell us. They do this because they like our bottles.”