Entry Motivation: 

Grant will be competing in the 2020 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge as a solo rower. The race is scheduled to start the 12th Dec 2020, the crossing can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on weather etc. He is doing a 3000 mile solo row to create awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans. "Melokuhle" means Stand for good and that is something Grant tries to live everyday. The Melokuhle team are focused on plastic pollution and its impact on our oceans and all marine life. Grant and our team have also started a School4Sea Project where we go to schools and teach the importance of recycling to our youth. Since recycling equals money, the schools are now collecting bottles and making money for themselves in the process. This project has been a huge success with Port Shepstone High, Waterfall College and Alfalaah Durban College.

Our aim is to collect 1.5 million bottles to keep them out of landfill sites and we came up with 1.5 million as Grant needs to do that number of oar strokes to complete his race.

All fundraising done through our campaign is given to White Shark Projects and Two Oceans Aquarium as they too have outreach programs with our youth. He is involved in all beach clean ups and was involved in the clean up done at Wilson's Wharf earlier this year.