Entry Motivation: 

Captain Fanplastic is an educational program that contributes to the UN’s SDG Goal 14. We raise awareness on the impact of plastic, but also on the value it holds. The learning objective is to create a mindset that plastic waste is #NoTrashButTreasure,meaning don’t throw plastic away, instead reuse, reduce or recycle it. We Offer a scaleable, environmental literacy programme to contribute to the education and awareness of a new generation of environmental custodians who will keep plastic pollution out of the environment and become ambassadors for a cleaner South Africa.

The benefits of The Captain Fanplastic programme are learners (and their teachers) transform their understanding about the impact, and value of plastic waste, and how to recycle it. This knowledge aims to support the behaviour change that can lead to more recycling at schools, in communities and at homes.

The programme is divided into five phases: firstly, storytelling, where our trained facilitators share The Legend of Captain Fanplastic with the learners. Reading the book aloud, combined with graphic illustrations, creates an engaging world within which the kids can immerse themselves. Secondly, Learning, through a Q&A with Captain Fanplastic the kids learn what plastic is, its impact on marine life if not managed correctly and what to do with it so that it does not end up as waste. Followed by, creating, which is the third lesson learners experience how they can reuse and re-purpose plastic by creating their very own Captain Fanplastic eye-patch and Fin the Turtle. Then comes cleaning which features an exciting treasure hunt (clean-up) in the school’s surrounding area and a nearby beach, riverside or park. The learners are equipped with treasure maps that detail the types of litter they will find and we record the data to keep track of each haul. Lastly we close the loop by leaving behind is a treasure bin that enables the learners to continue on their journey as little pirates

Through the last stage the programme offers an operational solution in the form of the branded ‘treasure’ (recycling) bins that are installed at the school. These ‘treasure’ bins create a commitment device for the staff and learners at the school that enables the action of recycling to take place, with practical reward.
We introduce a suitable recycling partner to the school partners that will be able to collect the recycling and turn the “trash into treasure”. This is an important element in closing the circle of beneficiaries for the long term and is a demonstrable reason for positive behaviour change at the school. After each programme we collect feedback and better our programme for schools to come.

Captain Fanplastic aims to be a global programme that tackles plastic waste issues in an educational and fun way for learners. We envision no barriers and plan to have the programme in multiple different languages so that children from different cultural backgrounds can all engage with the programme is the easiest way for them to.

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