Entry Motivation: 

My name is Sydney Steenland. I love what you are doing!

I am 14 years old. I have lived with my family (Mum, Dad, brother) on our sailing boat the Sea Monkey for 8 years now since I was 6 years old. My brother and I are world-schooled. We have come from Brisbane Australia sailing around Australia and through South-east Asia. Sailing through Asia, we realized that the ocean plastics issue is a global and vast problem.

We have been based around Malaysia for three years growing a cottage industry making small, sustainable and portable plastic recycling machines and conducting ocean plastic education. With the machines, we are slowly distributing them to small villages in Asia and beyond. We train the locals in the village how to use our machine, so they can clean their environment, create items and sell items to raise awareness, and have an extra income.

Our main goal to come out of the machines and workshops is education. My mother is a cartoonist and has created and illustrated a plastic education workbook, we give out and teach kids in workshops. That is the shorter version of our education workbooks. My mum has also illustrated a 255-page long workbook called Ambassadors For The Planet, it teaches everything from climate change and plastic pollution, to sustainable and healthy living and biodiversity. It will be endorsed by the United Nations next year. I am currently developing a course that will teach the book in an interactive and inspiring way to also get kids outdoors more. Eventually, the course will lead up to helping the kids create their own campaign to develop and put into action (like a plastic ban).

So those are our main parts of our project. We have others that are going on and will be executed soon. Such as a fishing net buy-back scheme, collaborations with brands (The Body Shop, Starboard, Jordan Toothbrushes, etc.), and working with some incredible people to develop our education further.

So if were to win, I would use that opportunity to promote our project to educate the youth in all schools so they can stand up for their future.

Our website: SeaMonkeyProject.com