Entry Motivation: 

House Of Bravo was created after much frustration trying to source the best products available for ‘not so small’ family. Having grown up in Eswatini and always having an abundance of fresh produce and great local products available at our fingertips, I have yearned for this since living in South Africa. A simple life very ‘old school’ whereby you know most people in the community and where your products come from.

A big wake up call for me was when I realised how much waste we were creating as a family and being a mom who always worries about what is nutritiously best I realised that I needed to create a platform not only for my own family but for like-minded individuals who are on the same journey and bring even more awareness to the zero waste movement. Having studied interior decorating and pursuing many hobbies like ceramics I have combined many of my passions under one roof. My aim is to restore community disconnect and create an environment whereby people get to interact with us on a daily basis and meet others. We will be holding many workshops on many topics like zero waste, how to create a sustainable lifestyle and ceramics being added on too. Basic skill development and community are two very important factors that we need to rethink and reintroduce into our lives and community and therefore we are creating a platform for this. A very important factor being products and the way our shop works is vital in what we do.

We try our up most to source as local and as close as the ‘beehive’ in the community. Sourcing locally not only helps to sustain small business owners but builds community and helps to connect people and product. This old school way of shopping has the benefit of zero waste, product knowledge and knowing its provenance which is vital in our day and age whereby convenience has taken over everything. I love that every product has a story attached to it and in many ways have come full circle by paying it forward. Many products have initiatives attached to them and by purchasing these you are supporting a course that is very important in our community.

By bringing in your own containers or purchasing some jars from us or using a biodegradable brown paper bag you are able to purchase as much or as little as you require. Therefore budgets are easier to sustain or even half in my case since opening my store and you are able to purchase products at a reduced rate compared to a packaged item bought at an everyday outlet. Our zero waste store has a food offering of vegetarian and vegan meals and we are privileged to have a great coffee guru supplying us with a coffee bean that has a lot of integrity and most importantly the best rate. Our aim is to grow from strength to strength with the café and will hopefully have a more diverse menu on offer very soon.

I am hoping to always move with the times and adapt our store to the latest available technology as this will definitely aid us in making it easier for the individuals to shop.

We are currently one of the biggest suppliers of fresh farm milk and we are very proud to be associated with such a great initiative. Sold in 1litre glass bottles we work on an exchange system just like in the old days. A little exciting news is that we are hoping to soon be able to deliver milk right to your doorstep just the way it used to be, so keep an eye out for that. Being only open for 4 months there is still so much we can still want to do and achieve and we are so happy with the way the community have accepted and supported us so far! We all have seen the devastation of pollution lately in Durban and it’s very sad to see how damaging we as humans can be to our environment, what is exciting to see is that individuals are starting to do something about it!!

This has confirmed that we are indeed on the right track and that by creating thus platform people will be more mindful of how they shop and do not add to the landfills but to live a zero waste life.