Entry Motivation: 

There is a movement happening at the moment to clean up our act. As our conscious awareness of our environment has grown, so too has our awareness of the impact we are having on our environment.

The zero-waste (plastic-free) movement has been so close to the heart of our family for a number of years. As part of the effort to keep the beings that share this planet with us safe, we decided not only to follow a vegan lifestyle but also to make a very small difference, by introducing #junkfree #zerowaste #plantbased cosmetic products into our local markets.

Since we began our journey just over a year ago, our product range has expanded into:

  • Solid shampoo bars;
  • Solid conditioner bars; and
  • Plantbased earth-friendly soap bars.

The benefits to the earth of these products are multi-fold:

  • First, we ship all of our products nude, which means no plastic whatsoever. The boxes are compostable, and even the tape is made from paper and gum.
  • We are currently in the process of vetting our suppliers to ensure that their products are not only sourced sustainably but that there are no micro-plastics produced during the processes. From start to finish.
  • Our products are also vegetarian-friendly, and made from saponified coconut oil rather than animal fats. This means that the soaps are sustainable long term, and so many our clients have complimented us on how well the bars lather, and clean their skin.

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars seem strange to people at first, but once they see that they can carry the bar with them on camping trips, holidays etc, they realize that there is actually no real need for plastic bottles containing a liquid that does a similar job.

Again, our conditioner bars have improved the health of many of our client's hair. And because there are no harsh chemicals or micro-plastics, the conditioner is safe to go down the drain and into our water supply.

Even if we don't win, we will continue on with the good fight.

Thank you so much for putting together such a great competition, the earth needs more humans like you.

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