Entry Motivation: 

ZuluGal Retro social enterprise is registered as a PTY entity, 100% black youth and black female-owned by Ms. Nozipho Zulu (Founding Creative Director). We recycle obsolete laminated packaging into hand crafted eco-friendly fashion accessories such as bags, backpacks, purses and wearable fashion. This creates income generation opportunities, fosters economic sustainability and yields a positive environmental impact. This allows ZuluGal Retro to help prolong lifespan of our depleting landfills while minimizing the impact of our carbon footprint.

Income is generated through sales of the recycled and upcycled handcrafted fashion accessories and home-deco items produced by differently-abled youth. Through sales of the dynamic eco-friendly handmade crafts, the unemployed and the differently-abled youth have gained economic independence. We deliver a multifaceted solution by transforming the lives of socioeconomically marginalized individuals through job creation, youth and women empowerment while ensuring that environmental sustainability remains at the core of our designs. Our partnership with flexible packaging manufacturers allows us to divert bulk obsolete packaging from landfill to reuse. We have trained over 10 skilled crafters who produce our handcrafted ecofriendly products. Our skilled crafters reclaim their dignity while helping reduce our carbon footprint on planet earth.

Our partnerships with the National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) South Africa, Unilever South Africa, AfriPack and ExpoSolutions; enable us to access recyclable laminated packaging and PVC material.

ZuluGal Retro positively benefits the earth by contributing to the reduction of biodiversity loss. Because the laminated packaging material consists of laminated polyester that prevents the packaging material from degrading; incineration or harsh chemicals are used to aid decomposition. These methods are detrimental to our natural environment as they cause air pollution thereby interrupting our interlinked ecosystem. Acid rain resulting from high concentration of oxides in the polluted atmosphere destroys our fauna, flora and biota ultimately affecting the growth of the human population. Therefore, by recycling and upcycling laminated packaging, ZuluGal Retro allows society stakeholders to contribute towards the reduction of biodiversity loss.

We have repurposed over 800kg of laminated packaging repurposed into ecofriendly bags. We have also diverted 900kg worth of fabric banners to be converted into ecofriendly bags. ZuluGal Retro has equipped a group of 10 crafters with skills to produce handcrafted eco-friendly bags.